Spa Services-Scrubs & Hot Stone


Back Scrub:

Using an aromatic salt or sugar scrub, the back is exfoliated to remove dead tissue leaving soft, new skin.  The scrub is removed with hot, moist towels and a dry, natural bristle brush.  The treatment is completed with a Swedish massage of the back using moisturizing oil or lotion.

Body Scrub:

Same as the back scrub but including the legs and arms as well as the back.

Firming Facial Massage:

 This treatment can help you look fresh and younger for special events.  Special lifting massage strokes are used to cleanse and moisturize the face.  Hot and cool towels are also used to remove product and shrink pores.

Foot Scrub with Reflexology:

 Feet are exfoliated using an aromatic salt or sugar scrub.  Feet and calves are massaged using pure coconut oil or an aromatic lotion.  Pressure points on the feet are addressed to improve circulation and boost body systems.

Hot Stone Massage:

This spa speciality is the ultimate in relaxation!  Heated basalt stones are used to provide the massage, replacing the therapist's hands.  Long, flowing Swedish strokes are used as the warmth penetrates muscle layers, bringing about complete relaxation. Hot Stone combined with scrubs is the most relaxing combo around! Aromatherapy can be added for a very customized experience.