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Welcome to Pamela Reynolds Therapeutic Massage in Davison

Welcome to Pamela Reynolds Therapeutic Massage in Davison

Welcome to Pamela Reynolds Therapeutic Massage in DavisonWelcome to Pamela Reynolds Therapeutic Massage in Davison

Invest in your health

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Pain Relief or Pampering... your choice!

Why are you still suffering in pain?

A regular appointment with a pain relief specialist can help you to move and feel better so you can continue to do the things you love!
Most of us are so busy taking care of others that we often forget to take care of ourselves.  We feel that taking time for our own needs is selfish and unnecessary.   In reality, taking care of ourselves should be our first priority.  We become unable to take care of others if we neglect our self care.  We all need to adjust our priorities a bit to include self care in our lives so we can continue to move well, feel better and have the energy to care for those we love.  
As a licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Pain Relief Specialist and Handle With Care Burn Scar Massage Team Member, I continue to study pain conditions and pain relief methods to help my guests feel their best. massage therapy in Davison

Burn Scar, Autistic Specialist & MMMP


I am certified in working with Burn Survivors.  This means that I have specialized training in burn scars, graft harvesting scars and the emotional considerations necessary to keep these amazing people moving well, feeling well and keeping scar tissue hydrated and as healthy as possible.


 I also specialize in working on those on the Autism Spectrum.  Tension and stress, along with an aversion to touch, is a primary concern for parents and the client themselves.  I help to teach touch acceptance in a non-threatening and relaxed way through massage and/or CranioSacral Therapy with special pricing for these clients due to the need to repeat frequently.  Classes on basic massage and Craniosacral techniques are also available for parents, grandparents, family and friends for at home use for stress reduction and calming.

Are you an MMMP patient and have been unable to find a therapist to work with?  Welcome to my "no judgement zone"!  I understand your preference to avoid chemical prescriptions for your pain and stress relief.  No request here to not medicate before you arrive and I will provide therapeutic relief to work with your preferred medication.


Experience & Knowledge


I am one of the few therapists you'll find who doesn't shy away from knee pain.  I WORK KNEES! I also work shoulders, elbows, ankles and wrists.

Just want to relax or spoil yourself or a special person?  I also provide Spa services like body scrubs, foot scrubs, paraffin dips and more.

Every session is customized to meet your needs that day.  You will feel better when you get up off my table.

Arthritis, high blood pressure, blood thinning medications, inflammation, bruise easily...No Problem!  I will work within your tolerances for effective relief.

I also offer non-touch and gentle touch services for those unable to tolerate normal massage!  Reiki Energy Healing and CraniSacral Therapy are wonderful for those with fibromyalgia, late term pregnancy or other conditions where touch or rubbing isn't a good option or well tolerated.


Gift certificates are available for all services.  Packages, monthly programs, annual membership clubs and monthly specials are also available.  Scheduling can be done online, by email, text or phone call. 

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Pamela Reynolds Therapeutic Massage

921 North State Road, Davison, Michigan 48423, United States

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