Discounts and Massage Specials in Davison

Senior Discounts

Senior Discounts

Seniors (60+) benefit from regular massage so I offer a $10 discount off any regular rate.  Special package deals are available based on this discount as well

First Responder Discounts

First Responder discounts

We appreciate all you do as a first responder and know you need regular massage to keep doing what you do. Save $10 off any regular rate or check out our special package deals just for you!

Book Now!

Book now

My schedule fills pretty quickly but I usually have open appointments each week.  Appointments are available 7 days including evenings and weekends. 


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Special Signature Treatments

New Peaceful Zen Moments

Peaceful Zen Moments

Introducing a new Signature treatment,

 Peaceful Zen Moments

15 minutes longer than a normal session

Zen Garden Music

Special "PEACE" aromatherapy

3 out of 4 fell sound asleep during their 

Peaceful Zen Moments Session!

October Aromatherapy

Apple Pie

The sweet and tangy scent of apples and cinnamon blended into your massage oil.  

Apple Pie a la mode

Apple pie massage oil with vanilla added to sweeten your experience without the calories

Caramel Apple

A sweet and traditional fall treat!

Caramel and apple scents blended into your massage oil for October only