Policies and Information

Appointments, Cancellations, Late Arrival and No-Shows

  • At this time, appointments are required since I am a solo practitioner.
  • Appointments are a time I have reserved strictly for YOU.  It is your time and I want you to enjoy it.  
  • Appointments can be scheduled through the scheduling page.  If you wish to check for last minute openings (less than 12 hours out), you can call or text (810) 623-1265 and I will return your call or text as soon as I am able.
  • Cancellations are requested at least 24 hours in advance of your reserved appointment time.  I have many requests for times and this allows me to provide the time to someone else if you are not able to keep your appointment.  
  • Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will be charged 50% for the scheduled appointment which must be paid before your next appointment can be scheduled.  
  • No-shows will be charged the full appointment rate as I have prepared for your time and am unable to schedule anyone else. 
  • Late Arrival to your session will shorten your time and the full session cost will be charged.  I will extend to your full time if able but will not delay another appointment to do so.

Appointments, scheduling, cancellations, no-shows

Appointments, scheduling, cancellations, no-shows

What to expect

Your session

So, you're ready to schedule an appointment but don't know what to expect or exactly what to do.

First, take a deep breath and relax a bit.  Scheduling is easy.  You can schedule an appointment through the scheduling page quickly and easily.  You can also schedule via call or text to (810) 623-1265.  Keep in mind that scheduling via phone or text can mean a delay in setting up your appointment since I will have to return your call/text between appointments.  Please specify name, best contact number and if possible the date/time you are thinking of.

Now that you're scheduled what's next?

Watch for an email that confirms your appointment and a request to complete your intake paperwork online.  Completing this in advance allows me a chance to review it and saves us time on the day of your appointment.  This paperwork is required by state law and must be completed for us to continue with your appointment.

You will receive a reminder about your appointment the day before your session.  This will be a text, if you have provided a mobile number, or an email.

When you arrive for your appointment, we will discuss your issues and goals for the session and you will be asked to remove your clothing and lie on the table under the sheet.  Keeping underwear on is suggested.  I will knock shortly to be sure you're ready before entering the room.

At this point, all you need to do is relax and enjoy unless we are working on specific issues that require your active participation.

Please communicate any discomfort to me throughout your session so I can adjust to make you comfortable.

Inappropriate behavior, comments and actions

To be clear, I will stop a session immediately if any inappropriate behavior, comments or actions take place and the full session cost will be charged.  

I am a licensed therapist and this is a therapy session for pain relief or relaxation.  There are NO "happy endings" unless you count being pain free and moving better as a happy ending to a session.

Gross misconduct will be reported to the authorities.

What to expect

What to expect