Specialized Techniques

Specialized Techniques

Specialized Techniques

These techniques enhance a basic massage to meet special needs.

Trigger Point Therapy:

Trigger Points are very tender points in the muscle that refer pain elsewhere.  This technique uses sustained pressure on "knots" to relieve referred pain.  Therapist will ask for feedback and participation with either movement or breathing  techniques to aid in both pain reduction and release of the point.

Burn Scar Massage Therapy:

Specialized massage for Burn Survivors.  Pure coconut oil or your favorite moisturizing lotion can be used.  Extra special care for grafts, harvest sites and burn scars.  Compression and thumb friction on burn sites with classic Swedish  or Deep Tissue on non-burn sites.  Hydration is the primary concern along with softening tissue for improved mobility and pain reduction.

Therapist will also alert you to any areas where tears or puckering are to help keep your tissue in the best condition possible.

Autism Spectrum Techniques:

Most people on the Autism Spectrum suffer from aversion to being touched, communication issues and elevated stress and tension levels.  Routine and a very structured schedule help these amazing people to function in normal life.  As they age they become less touch sensitive through repeated efforts from parents, family and therapists.

I offer special package pricing for families who are part of ARSC of Genesee County.  Sessions are weekly or bi-weekly and last 30 minutes.  Massage or CranioSacral are the preferred techniques.  If your child/young adult is touch aversive, I recommend starting with CranioSacral and progress to massage as progress is made.

Manual Lymphatic Drain (MLD):

MLD is a gentle technique with little to no oil used.  Lymph nodes in the neck, groin and abdomen are gently compressed to "wake" and clear them for handling the lymph flow.  Working towards the heart and the lymph nodes, long smooth strokes are used with very little pressure.  The main goal  is to move fluids for elimination of edema, swelling and pressure from these excess fluids.  Excellent for general swelling due to injury or surgery.

Myofascial Release:

Special therapy to help restore connective fascial tissue to a liquid, flowing state.  Little to no oil is used.  Gentle stretching and twisting of tissue to break up adhesions and restore flexibility and return the fascia to it's natural liquid state.