Packs and Programs


Singles, Packs, Plans or Program: Which is better?

 All options are good because they mean that you're taking care of yourself!  Let's break them down just a bit:

Singles: A single session, pay as you go.  Can be for yourself or as a gift certificate. Scheduling based on availability.

Packs: 2 or more sessions paid for at once at a discount. Can be for yourself or as gift certificate(s). Scheduling based on availability.

Monthly Plans

 Meant strictly for YOU. 

Paid at first appointment each month with a discount over normal rates.

  Priority scheduling,  which means that a spot is held for you on a normal schedule (ie: every  two weeks on Wednesday). Additional sessions can be purchased at a  discount if needed or requested. 

Annual Programs

 Meant strictly for YOU.

 Paid once a year or quarterly in January, April, July and October with a larger discount over normal rates.

 VIP scheduling  based on program purchased with your appointment spot scheduled  automatically for the entire year. 

Additional sessions can be purchased  at your program rate per session if needed or requested.  

Gift certificates  can also be purchased at your program rate saving you the most on giving  gifts they'll absolutely LOVE! 

Current Rates - Massage Rates in Davison